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Letter from Mr. Steele, 7/10/2010

2010 July 14
by admin

Dear Ingri,

Thank you for your letter.

All calls out are almost nonexistent. I was looking forward to seeing you and Al yesterday. I suppose they just turned you away? I haven’t had a single visitor here so far and only barely been allowed to see my public defender. I’m not allowed to call my lawyer even until next week.

I am in Max Security, full lockdown, solitary confinement. Worse even than the treatment accorded Matt Hale. Most of mail is returned to senders — usually because of their using letters instead of full first and last names in the review in the return address.

OK. I am innocent, for what that is worth in Amerika today. Here is
what happened:

My hillbilly handyman stumbled across a stash of silver bullion in one of my outbuildings — then searched and found two others (@ $15,000 & $45,000 total). Knowing I would discover the theft & know it was him. He tried to kill me with two pipe bombs he placed on the cars he knew I drove. They both failed to go off. Cyndi left town with one before he removed it, which led to the discovery of the car bomb on our Mitsubishi SUV.

This guy had offered to be a hit man before, more than once, but I dismissed him as a harmless buffoon. I had told him of the ADL & its hatred for me. This murder-for-hire plot is beyond my hillbilly hitman, so I assume he went to the ADL, which either fabricated tapes that he played for the FBI recorder or produced a mimic of me to make the tapes for the FBI on the spot. Regardless, I have been framed and set-up! BTW, the ADL was quoted extensively in the government’s opening papers in court.

I haven’t heard from my wife or son and fear they have been convinced by the U.S. Attorney Prosecutor of my guilt. I feel totally abandoned. What can you and others do? Ingri, I honestly don’t know. Obviously, this is going to trial. I may well be convicted, which will be the same as a death sentence at this stage of my life. I am So depressed.  I never  expected them to come after me like this.

You may share this with others, even posting it on UNN and SF (With my address so they can write me – please write me – but tell them to put their full names and addresses [as a clear return address] on the envelopes).

Edgar Steele #361857
Spokane County Jail
1100 West Mallon
Spokane, Wash. 99260-0320

Love, Edgar

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  1. phil white permalink
    July 15, 2010

    I’ll try to mail you. I’ve gotten through before to another
    one of our political prisoners in the Northwest.

    Cheers, Phil

  2. medical assistant permalink
    July 18, 2010

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  3. Russ permalink
    August 26, 2010

    “…that he played for the FBI recorder”

    I did not catch that before, but Ed is saying right from the beginning that Fairfax probably played a fabricated tape into the recorder, the wire. That is what I think and I think Fairfax had another boss… even fooling the FBI, who heard what they heard that Fairfax played for them into the secret wire.

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