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Letter from Mr. Steele to ‘Russ’, 7/21/2010

2010 July 23
by admin
July 20-2010

Dear Russ,

Thanks for writing & sharing your considerable insight in my case.  I think you are correct on just about everything.

I wish I knew what you and others could do to help me. I can’t think of a thing, except to support me as you have done.

I have to use a public defender because I simply don’t have the $200,000-$300,000 it would take to hire a good private lawyer
(and I can’t run the case from a jail cell). That is way too much to raise via a legal defense fund from “The Movement.” Ironic eh? There’s nobody out there like me to help…me!


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  1. Russ permalink
    July 24, 2010

    I have a few other observations to share. Ed underlined the word “me”, as if to say something. Notice how he also use the dots
    (“…..”) after the word help, followed by the word me. I think it
    speaks to us HELP ME!

    Even though he keeps saying in letters to people that he doesn’t know what we can do to help. Although, he did agree with my view on his case and I had suggested 1.) an independent lawyer, 2.) that he be interviewed by someone like American Free Press, who would be on his side, 3.) that we raise the money needed to get him an attorney. Even as he acknowledges that raising the kind of money we need would probably never happen. So overall, I see his letter as a cry for help, but he knows inside that no one is going to help him. What a pity this screwed up so called movement is. I have written from the beginning trying to get a fund going, but no one answers the email and none of his so called supporters seem like they really want to do anything, except talk about this. It was one thing to let me rot in jail and then not to even mention it after I got out because I am considered a nobody. However, it is different with Ed being a very high ranking individual, with so many fans and so forth, being ignored and forgotten. I say the WN movement might as well lay down and die if it does not help Ed. I damn sure don’t want any part anymore in a movement that is to stupid to figure a way to help someone who is one of their own. So I am going to be watching real close and I am going to try everything I can to help Ed and in any way, but this is about it for me. I will not risk going to jail for a bunch of goofballs that cannot even recognize and support their own. That’s my final word on it. To the sites that do and have shown support, like this one, I am not speaking of you. I speak mostly of the bigger sites who have resources and do nothing but take in donations for their greedy selves. They know who they are. I won’t be buying your books or ever contributing a cent again… if you fail Ed. That’s all.


    • July 24, 2010


      Respectfully, regarding the letters Mr. Steele writes and sends are best taken simply for what they say, without interpretation or analysis. Speculation, reading-between-the-lines, looking for a hidden message may be – on our part – wildly inaccurate.

      Other web sites that focus on their particular stance are either unaware of Mr. Steele’s plight (now highly unlikely) or have not decided to publicly support him. Sites that have stated support for Mr. Steele are, of course, great to see. Keep in mind that I don’t believe that Mr. Steele has made many public references to “the movement” or WN. Sites and organizations which consider themselves as such may still express support.

      • Russ permalink
        July 25, 2010

        Yeah, you’re probably right. But I wanted to share one more thing you asked, that I did not notice at first. The envelope had been cut at the top and taped back with scotch tape. I did not see it until I was reading the letter again and the light was on the envelope. That means they are reading his outbound mail as well as his inbound.

        I have no doubt as to him being NOT guilty. Intelligent people do not hire a handyman they have known briefly for two years to commit murder with pipe bombs.

        This is a set up all the way and I have no faith in public defenders.

  2. Tina (AKA "gymnastic chick") permalink
    July 25, 2010

    Russ, I am sorry to hear that the sacrifices you have made, and incarceration you have suffered, for the movement was met with so much ingratitude.

    I don’t think “movement” people are less generous or loyal than the average person. It’s just that they have been kicked in the teeth and misled so many times by some of our leaders that they’ve become distrustfull, even when it is unwarranted.

    Also, a couple of weeks ago, I happened to stumble upon a pro-movement radio interview that seemed to portray Edgar as affluent and therefore able to afford a trial lawyer, yet unwittingly omitted the fact that many of his resources were frozen/seized by authorities.

    Unforeseen events can cause complications and confusion which, hopefully, this web site can clarify so as to reassure potential donors that their contributions are justified.

    By the way, Russ, I truly wish you wouldn’t call yourself a “nobody.” In our movement, nobody is a nobody, as we pro-Whites are way too far and few between to afford such a class distinction among ourselves. Everyone has something to offer. If you can breathe, then you are valuable to us.

    Thanks for hearing me out,

  3. Russ permalink
    July 25, 2010

    Thanks Tina, it’s nice to hear someone say a nice word about a fellow patriot. I don’t see myself as a nobody, I was just referring to the treatment you get from the “so called leaders” whom I am beginning to have serious doubts about.

    Many of the so called “people on our side” are busy cutting up Ed Steele with their speculations, all the while accusing those of us defending Steele of being speculators. I know how the system lies and is full of psychopaths. Law enforcement is one of the top positions psychopaths seek to work for and might I add do. That is straight from the expert on psychopaths, Dr. Robert Hare. It frustrates me that people are missing the obvious in this case, the simple fact that law enforcement has a bad reputation in dealing with white folks who are fighting a corrupt government. Matt Hale is just one of many. How about Randy Weaver? How about ADL being the bootie buddy of FBI, as stated by FBI itself. Any white patriot that thinks Ed is guilty before being proven guilty beyond ANY reasonable doubt, needs to go join their liberal comrades. If and when the time should come that Steele is really PROVEN guilty, maybe then I will half way believe it. But I can tell you, no tape is going to convince me of that and no lying low-life informant like Fairfax should ever be believed. This movement reminds me of a bowel movement, meaning it’s full of you know what. ****, *** and a poster called ****** are the prime turds. But anyway, thank you Tina. Remember what Ed said “never trust a Jew or one who thinks like them. ****, *** and ****** certainly fit the description.

    P.S. I was sent to jail by one of those psychopath liars who doesn’t mind distorting evidence and lying under oath or obstructing justice. That’s your FBI and law enforcement today, including the Justice Department. They are the real criminals.

  4. Basker permalink
    July 28, 2010

    [a] A Jewish lawyer who cares more about so-called Justice than rants borne of envy by misguided anti-Semitic (so-called patriots) could probably get Mr/Mrs. Steele’s (civil forfeitured ?) money back , go on to Win his case – presumed against an otherwise unpopular spokesperson for those who espouse hateful 1st. amendment speech and ideas, obtain settlements for damages to their real property and perhaps more money yet for violation of their ( if so ) – trammeled civil rights ! [?]

    [b] Demand independent polygraph of Mr. Fairfax and release results: veracity, hold harmless deal for crimes forgiven, recent drug-use, money received, animosity toward defendant and defendant’s wife, etc.

    [c] Gary (fearless) Spence, Esquire to the rescue :

  5. Russ permalink
    July 29, 2010

    P.S. ******, I agree that any competent lawyer could get Mrs. Steele’s assets back. Perhaps you should read my posts on case law. I think a competent lawyer could also have Mr. Steele’s case thrown out due to Fairfax’s lies to give probable cause that set this all in motion. For starters though, Mrs. Steele’s assets could provide that fund to get the process rolling. So help us out, if you are really serious!

  6. Russ permalink
    July 29, 2010

    You compelled me to look at civil forfeiture. What a sham that is. But here’s the facts:

    Criminal forfeiture only severs the defendant’s interest, so the property rights of third parties (co-owners, banks, and the like) are theoretically unaffected. However, third parties may be unaware of the forfeiture and the property’s subsequent disposal. To protect third party interests, the government must provide notice and a hearing to all interested parties. At the hearing, the party must assert and prove their interest by preponderance of the evidence.

    Besides, how can a house be guilty. The government is soooooooo dishonest. The misses should be sure to have a competent attorney too. It’s definitely no joke that we need a New America. The criminals are running it and law enforcement is just the new gestapo enforcers to steal everything we ever have and give it to illegals, fight wars for global domination so they can steal all their property as well. It’s sickening is what it is.

  7. Russ permalink
    July 29, 2010

    I am definitely impressed:

    Putting power back into the hands of the people

    Gerry Spence was born and educated in the small towns of Wyoming where he has practiced law for almost fifty-five years. He has spent his lifetime representing and protecting victims of the legal system from what he calls The New Slave Master: big corporations and big government. He has tried and won many nationally known cases, including the Karen Silkwood case, the defense of Randy Weaver at Ruby Ridge, and the defense of Geoffrey Fieger. He has never lost a criminal case. He has not lost a civil case from 1969 to 2008.

    Spence is the founder of the Trial Lawyers College which has established a revolutionary method of training lawyers for the people. He believes that what he has learned needs to be shared with those who will continue to strive for justice on behalf of the people.

    Spence is the author of many books including the timeless classic and best seller, How to Argue and Win Every Time – a resource for the masses.

    Spence is also a noted photographer and poet.

  8. Russ permalink
    July 29, 2010

    It’s nice to meet an esquire. I’m a word warrior. :) After reading a couple of your essays, I have to agree with the term… esquire.

    Esquire (abbreviated Esq.) is a term of British origin (ultimately from Latin scutarius in the sense of shield bearer via Old French “esquier”). An unofficial title of respect, having no precise significance, it is used to denote a high but indeterminate social status. Esquire is cognate with the word squire, which originally meant an apprentice or assistant to a knight. Relics of this origin can still be found today associated with the word Esquire. For example in the Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of Saint John of Jerusalem “Esquire” is today the most junior grade of membership. “In the U.S., usually applied to lawyers, women as well as men; in Britain, applied to a commoner considered to have gained the social position of a gentleman.”

  9. Russ permalink
    July 29, 2010

    Wow, did you know Spence has never lost a criminal trial from 1989-2008?
    What a record. You guys need to read about him. Seems he has a way about him
    and a way with words to convince juries as to what’s right and knows how to apply the laws in the court. Amazing!!!

  10. August 1, 2010

    Gerry Spence has declined representation for Edgar. Seems his health will not allow it. Perhaps the family could look into those attorneys gratuating from his school??

  11. August 1, 2010

    Writer Basker’s idea of demanding an “independent polygraph of Mr. Fairfax and release results: veracity, hold harmless deal for crimes forgiven, recent drug-use, money received, animosity toward defendant and defendant’s wife, etc.” is a fantastic suggetion!

    I hope the family sees this and demands of Mr. Steele’s attorney THAT THIS HAPPEN!!

  12. Basker permalink
    August 14, 2010

    FOR YOUR INFORMATION Federal Public Defenders are super competent and experienced trial and appellate lawyers!

    After reading about the almost unheard of rush to trial perhaps “by ambush” if no continuance obtains, I wrote a letter to Mr. Steele. The envelope clearly had my name, Attorney at Law and address, and was stamped ” SPECIAL MAIL – Open ONLY in the Presence of the Inmate” however I have no way of knowing if the letter was ever actually given to him or not.

    It substantially informed him of my post above and expanded slightly to state the following:

    [a] A Jewish lawyer who cares more about so-called Justice than rants borne of envy by misguided anti-Semitic (so-called patriots) could probably get Mr/Mrs. Steele’s (civil forfeitured ?) money back, go on to Win his case – presumed against an otherwise unpopular spokesperson for those who espouse hateful 1st. amendment speech and ideas, obtain settlements for damages to their real property and perhaps more money yet for violation of their (if so) – trammeled civil rights ! [?] Note: ironically lots of folks call call ‘ em bad names — until they need one.

    [b] Q: Demand independent polygraph results of Mr. Fairfax; if not, why not; expose and release results; veracity; hold harmless deal for crimes forgiven; recent drug-use; drug test results (if any); if not why not; gov’t money paid / received; his animosity toward defendant; defendant’s wife, etc.
    Hopefully, your court appointed lawyers are providing you with research relevant to each issue within each count of your indictments to also include any annotated cases that have actually addressed the quantum of and / or exact proof that was (or was not) held to be relevant. Unfortunately press reports that you actually, i.e., overtly told your wife to "lie."

    p.s. Imagine how much $ your quests on message must have allowed Abe Foxman and Mo Dees to generate via direct mail?

    • August 14, 2010

      “Basker”: The FES admins have removed Gerry Spence’s web address from your comment above. We had already contacted Mr. Spence and he declined to take the case. Also, he has not yet suggested any other attorney who we might contact. It’s essentially inappropriate for us to advertise Mr. Spence’s site here.

      It is near-effortless to make all varieties of suggestion as to how Mr. Steele and his family should construct their legal battle. If Mr. Steele wins his legal battle, the person who suggested the strategy is the star of the moment. However, if the Steele’s loose their court case given the suggestion of a particular strategy, that individual suggesting the strategy looses nothing and remains as free as prior to making any suggestion.

      As in, it’s easy to advise; it’s serious business to fully stand behind one’s advice.

  13. Russ permalink
    August 25, 2010

    Basker, are you a present or former public defender? If they are so good then why are so many innocent men in jail for their ideas alone?

    As to admin, I think action is better than no action. To sit and wait for a miracle is worse than doing nothing. I am thinking Ed Steele wants someone to move.

    I don’t see how the Steele family can be doing anything, simply because no contact is allowed between them. I don’t get this whole idea. Motions to the court are harmless and can only help or be ruled against. But the fact is that motions unfairly ruled against, can be fuel for future appeals if Ed is sent down the line. Ed has a right to ask for a motion to suppress evidence from Fairfax that led the way to his arrest, because Fairfax is a liar and was caught in the lie. If such motion is granted, the charges must be dropped and the case thrown out. If the court rules wrong and does not grant, then a higher court will probably overturn it. The only strategy in a court case is to win. Sitting and waiting is waiting to be sentenced. No publicity is a death warrant for Ed because they can get away with Railroading him, simply because it’s evident that no one is watching. I hate to say it, but the family is wrong to just sit on the hands. Ed has more than hinted that he wants a lawyer or some kind of help. Put yourself in his shoes and mortgage the house or something, sell some of the returned silver or whatever. If not, it’s only going to get worse and the husband will be gone forever.

    Help get him out and he will be able to recover all plus some from his tormentors. It’s a shame that regular people who have never been in jail, have NO clue how it is. Ed will run out of hope if he is deserted. He is at that age where a lot of the fight is out of him… physically speaking. Jail is like PTSD big time. He won’t tell you that because he already feels like a burden to his family and does not want to worry them more.

    But the cold hard truth is that THIS, NOW is the time to help him. New lawyers have to have time to prepare a case. It is now 8-26-2010. He has roughly 66 days to prepare to take on a corrupt government system with no audio expert and no outside attorney and no media to speak. FES is coming unglued. Sorry, but that is my honest opinion. We are fading away… just like Ed is fading from people’s memories… much too quickly. I am not a resident of Idaho, so contacting the Attorney general would do me no good. Matt Hale may have a new pal soon, if someone doesn’t get moving.

    As to attorneys being crappy until you need one… comment. When you need one they are not there anyway, unless you can make them instantly rich. Where are the attorneys that care about justice???? He is in jail and no one is helping him, that’s where!!! The only decent attorney is locked away, isn’t that ironic?

    • August 29, 2010

      Ironically, Shawna Forde, another patriot, is in jail awaiting trial; however TPTB are dragging it out as long as they can in an effort to break her. She is also accused of conspiring to kill others, so when Mr. Steele’s arrest occurred, I instantly saw parallels. This is the era of the Obamanation, and more patriots will go down. We need to unite to fight this, or we will go down individually.

  14. BASKER permalink
    August 28, 2010

    CONSTITUTIONAL CHALLENGE TO FORFEITURE DENYING 6th. AMENDMENT RIGHT TO COUNSEL: EDGAR’s money was HONESTLY EARNED, in nowise derived from criminal conduct and accordingly should be available for his use to contest the unbelievable allegations within the indictment charged against him. If I was his legal adviser, I would immediately file for an injunction forthwith against his trial going forward in anywise thus to DEMAND a fast track Declaratory Judgment contesting the civil-forfeiture of HONESTLY EARNED funds as an impermissible violation of his 6th. Amendment right to hire “able” counsel of his choosing, one who EDGAR is WILLING to TRUST, one who could be counted upon to present a ZEALOUS no-holds barred DEFENSE of his chosen strategies, one who was NOT PAID BY THE GOVERNMENT, irrespective of the fact that his present federal defender is beyond reproach; nevertheless as indisputable – in no-wise a “kindred spirit” who EDGAR would otherwise be able and entitled to retain, trust and pay for with his honestly derived funds.

    VERILY any Court appointed counsel who does not enjoy a similar mindset with EDGAR would DEFINITELY BE UNABLE TO EMOTE and probably unable and unwilling to petition the U.S. District Court for funds for experts over and above bare minimum thus hoping to investigate and expose evidence alleged to exist regarding government excess and/or any and all facets of alleged conspiracies pre-trial, or to aggressively “push the limits” to make his case before a jury where SADLY EGAR with extremely compromised health is (in effect) on trial for his very few years of whatever life he would otherwise be blessed live and enjoy, and as surely guaranteed to be severely shortened if convicted and imprisoned given the near-criminal horrific, barbaric denial of adequate health-care and violence that exists within the U. S. Department of Justice Bureau of Prisons. A well-known fact used all the time thus gleefully to exact plea bargains !!!

    TO THE RESCUE ? Perhaps to contact the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF CRIMINAL DEFENSE LAWYERS to solicit representation regarding a forfeiture of honestly earned money being unavailable thereby to pay for retained counsel in violation of rights otherwise secured by the 6th. Amendment thus to escape out from under a government paid federal public defender for any number of reasons, obvious, imagined or otherwise ! / (202) 872-8600
    NACDL: 1660 L St. NW, 12th Flr – Wash., DC 20036

    TENANCY BY THE ENTIRETY: Given the fifth unity of MARRIAGE in addition to Time, Title, Interest and Possession by which the entirety of seized funds also belong to Mrs. EDGAR STEELE too, she being an innocent could probably also join a Petition in federal court for the FORTHWITH RETURN all 100% of HER funds and if successful immediately use that to pay for EDGAR a lawyer if she chose to [?] ! Moreover, their counsel (each one – his and hers) might argue that they could meet with their clients ALL TOGETHER in the same room at the same time to discuss and ramp-up any such case and if denied, petition the U.S. Court of Appeals for an interlocutory injunction about that alone – on an emergency basis [?] !

    Parenthetically don’t count out the ACLU however much despised by those on the politically conservative ‘right wing’ because given the gravity of these issues they might nevertheless Jump onto one or more and right fast too [?] !
    Finally, Never make the stupid mistake to ever assume that all Jews are Zionist

  15. August 29, 2010

    Something else to keep in mind: Shawna has been tortured in Pima County Jail simply because she is a WHITE WOMAN and a Minuteman. She’s a white woman on trial for her life in a brown county. I’m sure Mr. Steele knows what that means.

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