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Press release: Idaho Supreme Court rules private attorneys no longer allowed, 8/18/2011

2011 August 18
by admin


August 18, 2011


Private Attorneys No Longer Allowed

In a stunning, far-reaching and precedent-setting ruling issued by the Idaho Supreme Court this past week, the right to confidential communications between attorneys and individuals charged with crimes under the Sixth Amendment of the US Constitution henceforth is no longer enforced in Idaho.

Without comment, the entire bench of the Idaho Supreme Court has ruled that the Sixth Amendment of the US Constitution no longer applies within the boundary of Idaho. This result was obtained from the summary dismissal of a complaint lodged against Assistant US Attorney Traci Whelan by Attorney Edgar J. Steele, formerly admitted to practice before all courts in the states of Idaho, Washington, Oregon and California, as well as virtually all Federal Courts up to and including the US Supreme Court.

Steele’s complaint about AUSA Whelan’s behavior first was sent to the Idaho State Bar (ISB), and then was forwarded to the Idaho Supreme Court because Whelan herself sits on the ISB attorney committee.

Attorney Steele’s complaint went much further than making out a prima-facie case of criminal behavior on the part of AUSA Whelan and the entire justice department of the United States of America up to and including President Barrack Obama, not to mention his Attorney General, Eric Holder, who nominally heads up the US Justice Department as all of them are complicit in the intrusion into the former right to confidential attorney/client communication.

“I asked them (the Idaho Supreme Court Judges) to take judicial notice of documents in the custody of both the justice department and Idaho’s Federal District Court,” said Steele, reached today in his jail cell in downtown Moscow, Idaho.

“I wrote letters to attorneys plainly marked ‘Legal Mail’ and addressed to lawyers with the title Attorney at Law. The FEDS opened those sealed letters, photo copied them, then sent them back to me as part of their pre-trial document production, a clear violation of US Constitution’s Sixth Amendment guarantee of ‘Assistance of Counsel’ to criminal defendants like me.”

For over 200 years the US Supreme Court has held that a criminal defendant’s right to “Assistance of Counsel” is among the oldest of rights held inviolate and necessarily includes the ability to communicate in strict confidence with any attorneys about the defendant’s situation. Until this week’s ruling by the Idaho Supreme Court, that is.

Steele alleged (and proved, by reference to documents both on file with US District Court and included with his formal complaint) that AUSA Whelan intentionally and secretly eavesdropped into conversations between Steele and all three of his to-date “attorneys of record,” Roger Peven, Robert McAllister and Wesley Hoyt. Conversations that Whelan invaded included those made by telephone at two different county jails (Spokane, Washington and Bonner, Idaho), in the attorney visiting booths at Spokane County jail. Further, eavesdropping into attorney/client communications also occurred in the previously-believed sacrosanct confines of the US District Court’s own attorney-client interview rooms in the US Federal District court building in Boise, Idaho.

The confidential conversations secretly recorded by AUSA Whelan spanned several months, both prior to and directly following Steele’s trial and conviction on four federal charges that, combined, could net him over 70 years in a federal penitentiary.

Steele alleges that the confidential information gleaned from his conversations with his lawyers is what led to his conviction in what he maintains is, “The phoniest, trumped-up, case I’ve ever seen.” The Federal Judge Lynn Winmill who presided at Steele’s trial, ruled retroactively on February 11, 2011 that Steele had “waived” his attorney-client privilege simply by daring to speak with a private attorney by phone, seeking to interview him for possible representation. Thus, the Court’s Order provided AUSA Whelan with cover from being charged with a variety of State and Federal felonies that could see her put behind bars for as long a sentence as Steele now faces.

“Now that the Idaho Supreme Court has reinforced the federal judge’s clearly illegal ruling without considering all the evidence,” said Steele. “This gives the appearance of the vast conspiracy involving the US Justice Department, the US Federal District Courts, Idaho Supreme Court, the FBI, and local counties who fraudulently tell inmates that their calls are not being recorded, then record them anyway, giving copies over to the U.S. prosecutor. This is what a police state is based on, absolutely no privacy when even the pretense of attorney confidentiality is gone. Even now, it can be seen that both Idaho’s ‘private’ state bar association and its supreme court are conspiring with the Feds to deprive its citizens of their Constitutional rights.”

Steele added that applicable RICO statutes could net hundreds of State and Federal officials, law officials that is, lengthy prison terms including both Governor Butch Otter and President Barrack Obama. “Now it’s going to be up to the US Supreme Court,” concluded Steele as Idaho’s Latah County Sherriff’s deputies led him away to continue his now 14 plus month incarceration for a crime he claims he can prove he did not commit if granted the new trial he is seeking. The last trial was handled by an attorney in such deep remorse over his personal disbarment that he could not concentrate or perform his job as Steele’s trial counsel.

Federal Judge Lynn Winmill can be reached at: Chief Judge, District of Idaho, Federal Building, 550 West Fort Street, Suite 039, Boise, Idaho 83724

US Attorney General Eric Holder’s address is: U.S. Department of Justice, 950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20530-0001

Idaho Governor Butch Otter can be contacted at: Office of the Governor, State Capital, P.O. Box 83720, Boise, ID 83720

“Help me, please,” cried out Steele as he was dragged away “somebody please make them obey the law protecting attorney client privileged communications or we are all doomed.” Idaho state officials refuse to comment upon whether Idaho’s state constitution has also been suspended by this week’s Idaho Supreme Court ruling, as it, too, obtained a provision formerly thought to provide a measure of confidentiality to communications between criminal defendants and their attorneys.

Steele offered himself for interview by any legitimate media representative during regularly-scheduled visiting hours at Latah County Jail, Moscow, Idaho. (Telephone number: 208-882-2216).

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  1. August 18, 2011

    The American Gov’t, including the WH, CONgress and the Judiciary, up to and including the Supreme Court, have been SEIZED in a coup by Zionist Slimeballs whose Homeland is Zionist Israel, aka “New Khazaria”. All letters and phone calls to anyone in power within the aforementioned, infiltrated institutions will be of NO AVAIL! Since Bush, the Constitution has been trashed as “just a piece of paper”, while real power is now in the slimy tentacles of THE BEAST (ZIORex) and his humanoid AGENTS of the ANCIENT ALIEN RACE (of Satan).

    If you think this is extreme or over-the-top, you are still one of the SHEEPLE, with the wool pulled over your eyes. Pretty soon, the sheer magnitude and HORROR which has befallen America will become self-evident – but it will be TOO LATE! Poor Edgar’s nightmare and abuse is only the beginning of THE END. THEY LIVE – and will soon succeed in DESTROYING America as we knew it. GULAG AMERICA (and GULAG EARTH) are next on their agenda! 911 was the “Kick-Off” of the Zionist Slimeball ATTACK ON AMERICA. The GRAND DEPRESSION (still in progress) and engineered by the Zionist Slimeball “Demonic Duo” of Greenspan & Bernanke (better known as “The Sorcerer and his Apprentice”) is another plank in their platform of DESTRUCTION.

    Poor Edgar is just one among their first targeted victims. America’s prisons and FEMA camps will soon be filled with other violated victims.

    It’s high time for “SEVEN DAYS IN MAY”!!! – or we are all doomed.

  2. Buck Turgidson permalink
    August 20, 2011

    If this was a federal case, why is he appealing to the state courts?

    • Cyndi Steele permalink
      August 20, 2011

      The ruling was not on his appeal. It was a ruling on his complaint about AUSA Whelan’s behavior that denied him his 6th Amendment right to private attorney-client communications. Since Whelan herself sits on the ISB attorney committee, it was forwarded to the Idaho Supreme Court and ruled on the complaint.

      As for an appeal, it cannot be filed until after his sentencing currently scheduled for November 14, 2011. Meanwhile, his attorney has filed a Motion for New Trial, which will throw out the convictions from the first trial (an extreme, unfair trial) if granted. Then hopefully with his new attorney, he will finally get a fair trial that every US citizen is entitled to and lead to his acquital.

      If the new trial is denied, then an appeal will be filed as soon as possible following his sentencing.

      • lopster permalink
        October 1, 2011

        Where is a link to this ruling?

        • October 1, 2011

          If one creates an account with the PACER system, one can call up ruling info for a modest charge per-page. Be aware the PACER system requires verification of one’s account sign-up via snail mail. PACER is a means by which people can view case files online.

  3. August 21, 2011

    The way I read this is that the Supreme Court of Idaho willfully violated the US Constitution and ignored the clear language of the Idaho Constitution, overturning long-established law while setting a precedent dangerous to the liberties of US citizens, merely to shield a female assistant US attorney from facing prosecution for crimes she committed in the course of violating the constitutional rights of someone who has been falsely convicted in an earlier trial in which prosecutors engaged in unethical and illegal conduct, which in effect denied the defendant the due process of law to which he is entitled.

    When you combine what is happening to Edgar Steele with what previously happened to Matt Hale, a pattern emerges: the federal government is picking off attorneys who either engage in nationalist activism or have defended other persons who have engaged in nationalist activism, using false charges of felony conduct as its method of removing them from society.

    • August 22, 2011

      That’s only the tip of the iceberg! The Feds are collaborating with the enemy (Zionist Israel) on a multitude of fronts. They collaborated during 911 and its 10-year cover-up. They collaborated by the enactment of the unconstitutional Patriot Acts and ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ in Guantanamo. They collaborated during the assassination of JFK. They collaborated by stacking the Supreme Court and other courts (911 – Alvin Hellerstein cases) with Zionist Slimeballs. The list of TRAITOROUS actions goes on and on and on! Edgar and Matt are just 2 of the most vocal voices, crying “foul” in the wilderness which is America. Unless some patriots in the Military find their balls and pull off a REAL “Seven Days in May”, we are all TOAST – it’s just a matter of time.

    • August 22, 2011

      PS And on 911, THEY picked off almost 3000 people! (not counting the hundreds of thousands, if not millions of victims in Iraq, Afghanistan and in the US Military). How many more victims will we allow THEM to pick off?

  4. Linda Ballard permalink
    March 1, 2012

    Edward is lucky to be alive. People are too quick to believe everything they hear. Makes me sad to think I worked hard so women can climb the ladder to success. Now there are too many women (Gov. NM) in high places who are worse than the men. Our government has been getting by with stuff too long and they have done it in everyone’s face. WACO is a good example of that. It takes a long time for justice to prevail, but if you are in the right, I do believe if you keep working toward justice, it will come in time. Media is too full of ignorent reporters who do not know how to ask questions and when you are accused of anything you will find you have no freinds. No one wants to get involved.

    I investigated my fathers death at age 32, mother and us kids were denied serivce connected death benefits and we grew up in poverty. I took his medical records in 1988 and investigated everything. He got malignent tetrin malaria in Guatemala in 1941 when we were doing there what we do everywhere trying to exploit their natural resources using indigenous indians for cheap labor. He was a walking dead man. He volunteered for first CIA behind enemy lines mission during WWII. He lived for 8 years after war, but has no quality of life.

    I put his package to gether after investigating everything and submitted it to VA in 1998, the VA approved and changed his death to service connected after 47 years and my mother got back benefits, but us 3 kids got nothing because we were over the age of 18! It would have helped if they would have helped us with something like maybe college education, we were just discarded the same as every american citizen when it comes to justice.

    The Constitution is just a way the man has to keep people in line. If they really knew we have no rights like Edgar. If you do not have the funds to buy yourself out, it takes apassion to keep fighting. No one cares until it happens to them. And most people believe what they hear no matter how good a person you have been your whole life.

    The war on drugs is just one sample. The CIA is the biggest drug dealer in the world. Oliver North is a perfect example of that, and his is in US Congress now! liars cheaters and thieves are the ones who run our government. If there is any good judges out there I havent heard about one that I believe yet. Clarence Thomas is a good example of who we have in judgment in the highest court in the land.

    This country is supposed to be run on the rule of law, but most lawyers do not even read the laws and are pretty ignorent. I personally do not read a good book. If I have time to read, I read the Title 42 of the US Code and the code of federal regulations. Try to read the IRS code one day and you can get a good picture. But the truth is burried in there you just have to be able to pick through everything until it becomes clear.

    Thank goodness for WIKI leaks. Sounds like Edgar needs to have someone on the inside to get copies of stuff that the gov. wants to keep quiet. Maybe there is a hacker out there who wouldnt mind to see what they can do to expose the documents everyone wants to keep seceret.

    Hope in the end justice will prevail People are starting to figure out that some law enforcement would rather keep their dirty little secrets to themselves. Just think Leonard Peltier has been in prison since 1973. But there are many now working now to get him released. Justice delayed is justice denied. But any justice is better than none.

    Hopw the truth comes out and I have to worry about my own safety every time I expose myself to come agaist the powers that b. Especially now with Patriot Act And NADD. No one is safe and edgar is one just one of too many who are waiting for justice to prevail. Lots of Luck Edgar and maybe some day soon the information you need to exonerate yourself will be revealed. : )

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