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Thanks to Mr. Bill Windsor and his “Lawless America” campaign, 8/31/2012

2012 September 2
by admin

Posted on our Home Page (as of 9/1/2012) is the video segment that Cyndi Steele recorded for “Lawless America”, in Boise, ID just a few days prior.  The central figure in this great activism to bring to the light of day the endemic corruption and lawlessness in today’s America is Bill Windsor, and his web site is found at [THIS LINK].  Mrs. Steele wishes to Mr. Windsor for giving her the opportunity to keep speaking out against the injustices against Ed.

Mrs. Steele also wants to send out a BIG “thank you” to all the people that came to support me and Bill Windsor’s efforts to expose injustice across America.  His campaign still has other cities in the USA that will be visited, to interview others to hear their stories.

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  1. jodie gragg permalink
    October 2, 2012

    i would like to share with you the fact that grays harbor superior court falsified and left out the direct testimony of deputy iverson in my verbatim report of proceedings also known as the transcripts. i was convicted of trafficking in stolen property in the first degree over one hundred dollars worth of scrap metal that i was never paid for and was riding as a passenger in the pickup that delivered the metal. the driver and or co defendant was never subpeoned or summoned to testify, in place of this co defendants testimony deputy iverson was allowed to repeat word for word what the co defendant had told him at the time of my arrest. While i was in prison for this crime i learned that such testimony from deputy iverson is hearsay and violated my right to confrontation. needless to say i was very excited to get a copy of the transcripts because of the hearsay testimony by deputy iverson. when i finally recieved a copy of the transcripts i was very disappointed to find that the hearsay testimony was missing and there were other things that were changed in these transcripts. i brought this to the attention of my appellate and then the court of appeals transferred my case back to the trial court where i was allowed to inform the judge that the transcripts were incomplete and let the judge know f
    that i had witnesses at my trial that could recall deputy iversons direct testimony. this did not seem to matter and i was denied an attorney. I very much look forward to hearing from some one regarding my blatent mistreatment by grays harbor superior court.

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