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Legal Battle for Freedom of Innocent Man Continues, Nov. 26, 2013

2013 November 26
by admin

The Edgar Steele Defence Fund (ESDF, an Idaho non-profit organization supporting Mr. Steele’s legal battle) and his wife, Cyndi, announce the filing of a complaint addressing the serious breach of attorney representation during the 2011 court case which ended in a 50-year prison sentence for Mr. Steele.

This complaint is centered on the ineffectiveness of his courtroom counsel Robert McAllister of Colorado and Gary Amendola of Idaho, who both failed to present any evidence of his innocence making it an easy task for the prosecution to convict Mr. Steele of crimes he did not commit.  The complaint seeks to establish malpractice on the part of McAllister (who was disbarred in June only days after Steele’s 2011 trial and is now serving his prison sentence for an unrelated crime) and Amendola who did not speak up about the incompetence of his co-counsel during trial. The complaint alleges that, in order to avoid reversal of Steele’s conviction, the government and McAllister deliberately withheld information about the active prosecution of McAllister before and during the Steele trial and the obvious pressure it placed on McAllister.  Literally, by prosecuting McAllister at that time, the lawsuit alleges that the government paved the way for Steele’s conviction.

Prior to this malpractice filing, the Steeles and their supporters had hoped that by appeal, he would be granted a new trial on the basis of ineffective assistance of counsel, improper jury instructions and other errors in his conviction.  However, on October 24th, a three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals rejected those claims.

Mr. Steele engaged California attorney Dennis Riordan to appeal the decision.  He will submit a motion for reconsideration to an eleven-judge “en banc” hearing in the 9th Circuit.  Mr. Steele is seeking to have a hearing where he can show that he was denied his Constitutional right to a fair trial because his attorneys were not effective at presenting any of the evidence of his innocence and were improperly influenced by the government’s prosecution of McAllister during the Steele trial.

Idaho attorney Wesley Hoyt is working with Cyndi Steele and family to undertake numerous defense strategies since Mr. Steele’s arrest in June 2010.  Mr. Hoyt is leading the malpractice suit just filed.

The ESDF, Mr. and Mrs Edgar Steele and their entire family greatly appreciates the world-wide support from those who know or believe Mr. Steele was wrongfully convicted in the blatant injustice which has persisted throughout this entire prosecutorial sham. Edgar J. Steele, Esquire may now justifiably be called a “political prisoner” of the American Judicial System.

Historical information on Mr. Steele’s frame-up can be found at For a $25 donation to Mr. Steele’s defense fund, a copy of a video entitled Witness to the Persecution: The Plot to Silence Edgar Steele is also available at the website. The DVD details how and why the government was able to wrongly convict Mr. Steele, age 67, and sentence him to prison for 50 years for crimes he did not commit.

For those unfamiliar with Mr. Steele’s socio-political and financial commentary, please visit his site.  Steele also has authored a book entitled “Defensive Racism” which was sent to Eric Holder and Obama in response to Obama’s challenge to have a national dialogue on the subject of race.  It can be found and purchased visiting this site’s “Contact” page;  simply send us a message or email and we’ll reply directly.  All proceeds from the book are being donated to the Edgar Steele Defense Fund by Cyndi and the family.

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  1. Ann Benson permalink
    December 5, 2013

    I hope and pray that you find one decent, honorable person to support justice and Edgar.

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