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Article by H. A. Covington, August 2014

2014 August 22
by admin

(Mr. Covington’s recap of Mr. Steele’s case includes a reprint of one of Edgar’s articles -Admin)


NF Northwest Observer #145 August 2014

Edgar Steele: A Reminder

    In June of 2010, north Idaho Attorney Edgar J. Steele was arrested by the FBI on false charges of allegedly hiring a hit man to murder his wife and mother-in-law. The alleged assassin was a man named Larry Fairfax, an FBI informer who was inserted into Steele’s home posing as a handyman in order to spy on the Steele family, until he saw the opportunity to help the Bureau destroy an out-spoken critic of the regime.

While he was working there, Fairfax proceeded to help himself to large stashes of silver coins and bullion the Steeles were keeping on their property in anticipation of a Federal Reserve currency crash brought on by Barack Obama’s incompetence. The final whereabouts of that silver seems to be something of a mystery; apparently the FBI allowed Fairfax to keep at least some of it as a kind of bonus or reparations for the annoyance and inconvenience of having to spend sixteen months in a minimum security prison in the service of the Bureau.

The basis of Edgar Steele’s conviction were audio files fabricated by FBI technicians, supposedly discussions between himself and Fairfax about murder for hire. These conversations appear even to a layman who first hears them to sound strained, stilted, unnatural, and obviously doctored at the key points and phrases. The Steele tapes were not only forgeries, apparently they weren’t even very good ones.

At Steele’s trial, two international audio engineering experts who were prepared to state categorically for the record that the tapes were fraudulent were barred from testifying by a corrupt judge. The jury was never allowed to hear conclusive evidence which clearly proved Edgar Steele’s innocence.

The situation wasn’t helped by the fact that Steele’s first attorney, a federal public defender named Roger Peven, was a raging alcoholic who at the time was being sued by three members of his own legal staff for various acts of drunken misconduct. Steele’s second defense attorney, a man named Robert McAllister, on whom he and his wife Cyndi expended most of their life’s savings, turned out to be facing disbarment for embezzling his clients’ money and was in fact disbarred only weeks after Steele’s conviction.

Many suspect that this second attorney may have struck a deal with the government to keep himself out of prison by deliberately taking a dive in the courtroom and bungling Steele’s defense. If so, it didn’t work; in September of 2012 the 62 year-old McAllister was sentenced to six years for fraud, so there is some comfort in hoping that the bent brief may die in the same in the same prison cell as the client he betrayed. Interestingly enough, McAllister himself was a former United States attorney and prosecutor, which gives you some idea of the typical moral character of the people in the federal judiciary.

For whatever reason, McAllister’s performance in the courtroom was lackluster to say the least, and he refused to put his client on the witness stand, which always looks very bad to a jury. Needless to say the attorney’s own perilous legal situation was never explained to either Ed or Cyndi Steele while the trial was going on.

As icing on the cake, I have spoken to persons present in the courtroom during the trial who told me that Ed Steele quote-unquote “looked like a zombie”, confused and disoriented, and he seemed completely incoherent and disconnected from what was going on around him; the consensus of opinion was that Steele was drugged on orders from someone in the federal government to make sure he was incapable of assisting in his own defense or even understanding what was happening to him.

No one knows for sure why the federal government of the United States did this horrible to Edgar Steele. He must have pissed somebody off really bad, although I don’t see how; Ed had announced plans to run for governor of Idaho, but he subsequently withdrew from the Idaho governor’s race due to ill health. I have this horrible suspicion that the whole ghastly business may simply have been some kind of grotesque experiment on the part of the FBI simply to see how far they could go and how much they could get away with in arresting and destroying critics of the regime.

Edgar Steele is being held more or less incommunicado in the Victorville facility which is a kind of toilet where human beings are flushed away. Among other things, the water supply in the prison is known to be contaminated with carcinogens and toxic waste, which facilitates the decline in health of those federal prisoners whom the government wishes to hear no more of. Victor is notorious as an end-of-the-line destination. Once the gates clang shut there, no one leaves except in a body bag. Edgar Steele has been sent there to die.

Very few people have personally heard from Edgar Steele in some years now. I myself received a brief letter last autumn promising further communication, but nothing since. Several months ago we published an interview with Steele which was conducted and smuggled out of the fortress prison by another inmate, who has since been transferred elsewhere. His mail has been simply disappearing without response. We know from other inmates that Steele is still experiencing severe health issues and that on at least one occasion he was assaulted by other inmates.


You Only Think You’ve Got Rights
by Edgar J. Steele

Part I – No Attorney-Client Privilege
September 4, 2011

    As you know, I have been serializing parts of my upcoming book, Evil Edgar, to my list on the Internet, as I have been writing it. We have just finished up (most of) “Sex, Lies and Audiotape,” a chapter about those phony recordings and how my experts were prohibited by the judge from proving them false.
Next up (or so I intended): “Love and Other Four-Letter Words,” about the Russian bride scam I was investigating and the possible involvement of the “Russian Mafia” in my take-down. I have that entire chapter almost done. The very recent, stupefying dismissal by the Idaho Supreme Court of my ethics complaint against the lead prosecutor in my show trial forces me to take the basis of that complaint up now, however.

Government Misconduct

In my time, I have been witness to some incredible legal railroad jobs of the politically incorrect. Nobody every really believes me when I tell them how bad things have gotten in America, thinking I must be wrong or, at least, exaggerating. I’ve gotten used to the disbelief, the total unwillingness of people to believe our government actually would do the things to which I have been witness in my career. I shake my head, in awe of the overwhelming nature of the con job done by all of America’s media in fostering such naïve beliefs.
Now comes what likely is the final case of my career: my own. Never have I seen such overarching brazenness on the part of our government. Never have I seen so many different, outrageously illegal gambits employed in a single case.
Are they pulling out all the stops because I’m a lawyer? Or, perhaps it just takes a lower on the hot seat to see all that they do? Other trial lawyers tell me they’ve never seen anything like my case, so I have to believe there is something special going on.
Why me? The answer will become glaringly obvious as we go along, but remember that I always have promised that one day I will pull some real skeletons out of my closet, when I no longer need my bar licenses.
What’s that? You say I should already have written “Attorney for the Damned?” How do you know that I haven’t? Except for the last chapter, of course.

The Attorney-Client Non-Privilege

I have believed the attorney-client confidentiality privilege to be more sacrosanct, even, than that between doctor and patient or priest and penitent. Always. Until now.
The right to counsel, guaranteed by the US Constitution’s Sixth Amendment, is absolute. Talk to somebody else’s lawyer at a cocktail party about your legal problems and the privilege applies. Money need not change hands. Talk to your lawyer in the middle of a crowded Grand Central Station and the privilege applies. Yeah… right.

Here’s one of the things I have learned from a year in five different county jails: There is no inmate more naïve than a lawer inmate. Because I knew the law and where all the boundary lines are drawn., I told myself I would do okay. I knew the government never would invade my attorney-client privilege. I was wrong.

Your Tax Dollars at Work

Our government secretly and illegally recorded my private phone calls with lawyers at more than one jail.

Our government secretly and illegally opened more than one of my confidential letters to lawyers.

Our government even secretly and illegally listened into more than one of my private conversations with lawyers in the jail and Federal courthouse booths set aside for private conferences with lawyers.

How do I know all these things if they were done secretly? Easy – the government told me, every step of the way. They repeatedly used the information they illegally optained in prosecuting me.

No, really! I swear. Ask my lawyers. Ask my fellow inmates, all of whom have been surprised at the degree of my naivete. Of course the government does all this and more. What did I expect?

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  1. Bailey permalink
    September 5, 2014

    There will be no mourning here in America , no celebration of life.
    I doubt our jew media will even report on the passing of Mr. Steele , if they do it will be done gleefully.

    We are not many Barney , we are but a few who even knew who Edgar Steele was and what was done to him. The common dupe will barely remember him or care , as he is best known as the white supremacist who tried to blow up his wife.

    To think that these bastards have the power to do what they did to an innocent man , a man who stood for what was right and turn the public against him based on their lies is beyond belief.

    My Prayers go out for Mr. Steele and his family, My thanks go to Mrs. Steele for never giving up on her wonderful husband.

    My utter disgust goes out to all of those responsible for the hell Edgar was put through and for my supposed “American” brothers and sisters who allowed it to happen.

    Proud to be American , MY ASS !

    We got jews who kidnap old men and put them through hell in the last days of their lives , abduct them to Germany for holocaust show trials and nobody gives a shit , I don’t even see direct family members protest the “Nazi hunters”.

    This is what happens when the people can no longer think for themselves.

  2. Adrian Chetwynd permalink
    September 12, 2014

    Dear Cyndi

    Can you remember me? I am the man from England who was once so naïve that he believed that he could assist in getting your husband Edgar out of prison…. “just like that”.

    But I was proven to be very naïve at the time and because of being so naïve I once told you that I believed that “Ron Paul” was a good guy……Silly me hey!

    So I hereby offer you my most sincere condolences but I feel that I you have been taken for a ride by people who are pretending to care for you…(But I shall not mention any identities just yet.)

    Anyways, since you last responded to my emails the Jews have being having a go at me too and I am currently banned by them to even set eyes on my adorable young children.

    The Jews have attempted to have me “sectioned into a mental institution”. They also sent along a Jewess teenage witch to brainwash my then 14 year old daughter to convert her into a Jew worshipping, drug consuming Tart.

    So for now Cyndi. I recommend that you tread very carefully and go easy on the calorie’s!

    Don’t trust anyone however nice they may be towards you…..I have had more than one ” Larry Fairfax” attempt to do the dirty on me, trust me my dear.

    I find it a great shame that so far before this comment of mine only one comment of sympathy has been made on this webpage but you should feel very honoured that the only other comment was made by “Bailey”.

    And what a brilliant comment it is!


  3. Harry permalink
    August 26, 2015

    Edgar’s courage in both words and actions continues to inform and inspire others, but his fate also cautions us to be prudent. The guile of the Jew knows no bounds.

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