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Palouse Patriot, NW Observer rememberance articles, 10/14/2014

2014 October 18
by admin

(The husband & wife team who publish ‘The Palouse Patriot’ had taken time to drive to the Coeur d’Alene, ID Federal Courthouse to be present with others prior to Mr. Steele’s Boise conviction.  Mr. Covington has presented some compelling commentary over the span of Edgar’s battle.  Here are some comments forwarded to this site by both supportive sources, after Mr. Steele passed away.  -Admin)



(Excerpt from the full NW Observer piece.  Word has it that supporters close to Mr. Steele – fellow inmates – held a memorial for him, and there are additional comments in Mr. Covington’s article from Victorville inmate Jake Laskey.  -Admin)

“Edgar Steele’s vision is of a New America created out of the ashes of the U.S. when it breaks apart along racial lines, and like the phoenix, a new state of transformation occurs, where liberty, justice, and freedom are restore to our normal people.  His book was written so you and I and everyone could recognize the fact of racial differences that most people pretend not to notice, because they are scared to be ostracised as a racist.”



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