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National Vanguard rememberance article, 10/19/2014

2014 October 23
by admin

(We’re happy to link to a great commentary on Mr. Steele’s life and political prisoner / legal battle, which ended with his death.  Mr. Strom shares his thoughts in this dark time.  Brief excerpt included below…  -Admin)

“With a flair for making complex ideas easily understood — and entertaining his readers in the process — and moving them at a deep emotional level, and with a tractor-trailer load of credibility, Edgar Steele was making a difference. Someone in the post-9/11 hierarchy of our would-be  masters decided that Edgar Steele had to go; that Edgar Steele needed to be made an example of. And what they did to him far outstrips what they did to David Duke, to Chester Doles, or to me.”


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