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Matt Hale, 11 years behind bars, continues fight for freedom

2015 January 19
by admin


(Leading Mr. Hale’s supporters is his Illinois-residing mother, Evelyn Hutcheson.  She has been keeping the information flowing on Matt’s case.  Throughout 2014, she has announced press releases, including his request to play his violin in his cell (solitary confinement), and his request for Congressional investigation into corruption at the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals.  Those with interest can find more at the newly updated website: [LINK TO WEB PAGE])

(Some may recall before his arrest, Hale was leader of “World Church of the Creator”.  An excerpt from the corruption press release of 2014 follows.  -Admin)

Reverend Matt Hale, America’s foremost political and former leader of the pro-White and anti-jewish Church of the Creator, announced today that he has asked Representative Aaron Schock (R), his U.S. Congressman for the district of his hometown in Illinois, to launch a congressional investigation into the criminal conduct of judges Frank Easterbrook, Richard Posner, and John Tinder of the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals. These judges recently falsified the facts of Hale’s case for freedom on appeal in order to deny his release from prison that was required by law. Congressman Schock is presently considering Hale’s request.

Until his arrest in 2003, Hale was America’s most well-known advocate for White people, appearing numerous times on shows such as Today, Good Morning America, CBS This Morning, and others as well as being known for his public speeches around the country.  A graduate of Southern University School of Law, he was convicted in 2004 on phony charges of having solicited the murder of Chicago federal judge Joan Lefkow even though there is no evidence that any such solicitation occurred.  He has sought to take a lie detector test to corroborate his innocence and seeks media assistance to bring this about.  The reporter who succeeds in helping him obtain the lie detector test will of course get the scoop on the results.


(Here we have a link to a very recent interview with Matt in prison: [LINK TO ARTICLE])

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