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Other political prisoners continue their fight, 2/7/2015

2015 February 7
by admin

Step up and Don’t Let Edgar Steele’s Death End the Struggle for Justice!


Mr. Steele, May 6, 2014, Victorville Prison

Yes, Edgar Steele is gone, but the struggle for justice is not over. It’s over for Edgar Steele, but there are others that are still alive and breathing that are unjustly suffering at the hands of our out-of-control government and judicial system: Matt Hale, Shaeffer Cox, and David Hinkson are just a few.

They still need support and our help. They need our help before they meet Edgar Steele’s same fate. They need our help if we ever want justice for any of us. If we don’t, it will be only a matter of time before they will come for the rest of us.

Right now, David Hinkson needs everyone to speak out and demand justice in his case. Please read the attached article for details of the injustices that has befallen David Hinkson and what you can do to help get justice. Then let’s flood Bob Goodlatte (Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, R-Va) with phone calls, emails and faxes so that he has no choice but to listen and step up to insure David Hinkson receives the justice that Edgar Steele never received. Let’s bring the innocent home where they belong!



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